How To Market Your Paving Company Without A Website

One of the first things that our prospective paving clients say to us when we’re discussing our exclusive lead generation system for pavers is that they don’t have a website, and therefore, they feel that digital marketing will not work for them. With the Paver Launch system, you don’t have to have a website in order to be successful. Now, that’s not to say that it won’t help, because a great website that provides your user with a positive experience will definitely help your rankings on Google, but not having one should not stop you from being successful in generating leads for your paving business. 

When we run ads to generate leads for asphalt paving clients, we create landing pages that have clear and concise calls to action for the potential customers. These landing pages are 100% separate from your website and give your customer the opportunity to call you directly, or to fill out a simple form to request a quote.

What’s A Landing Page?

When you’re running PPC Ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads, you have to have a website or landing page to drive your traffic to. Most people drive the traffic directly to your website. However, if your website does not leave your potential customers with a great feeling, or if it requires that they do too much work to find the information they’re looking for, it could actually hurt your ad performance. 

What Goes On An Effective Landing Page?

Unlike a complete website, a landing page doesn’t have to focus as much on ranking for SEO and getting your business organically showing on Google. A landing page’s sole purpose is to get the potential customers to fill in information so that you can contact them and convert them into a new paving client. 

Examples of things that should be included on the landing page to get from customers is:

That’s it. It’s actually better to keep the required information as simple as possible so that your potential paving clients are actually more likely to fill out the form and turn into a lead that your team and work into a paying client.

Why Even Have A Website If I Only Need A Landing Page?

To put it simply, in order for your paving business to show in the organic Google listings, so below the Google Ads and Google Maps 3 Pack listings, your website has to have an effective SEO strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is when you very intentionally create content and pages on your website so that Google will choose to rank your website on the first page and higher in the results. Having your website show on the first page of Google in as many places as possible is the best strategy to getting more paving leads for your business. 

If you’re looking for help with your website, Google Ads, or simply how to generate more exclusive asphalt paving leads to help your paving company grow, give the Paver Launch team a call. Our team of digital marketing experts will go over the steps that we would take to get you more paving leads and then from there, you can learn more about how the Paver Launch system works.