How Shared Lead Services For Pavers Work

In the years that we’ve been working with paving contractors, we’ve found that the majority of them are using shared lead services, but actually don’t know how those services actually work. They typically know that they pay to receive leads, but they don’t know how the shared lead services decide who gets which leads. 

So, today we’re to dive into how shared lead services for pavers work and why you’re probably spending more per lead than necessary if you’re using them.

The Paving Lead Comes In

First, the prospect requests a quote from the shared lead service’s website. More than likely, the prospect searched something along the lines of “paving company near me” and went to the service’s site to find out their options. 

The lead service collects the prospects information and then sends that out to their paving contractors that are paying for the service. In some cases, there may only be one or two pavers using the service in the area, but most of the time, there are anywhere from 4-6.

The shared lead service then sends the prospects information to the pavers in the area that pay for the services.

The Paver Has To Connect With (And Win) The Lead

So, you have the information in hand, that’s great. But, so do your competitors. This means that all of you are now contacting the same lead to try to convert them to a customer. More than likely, the first person to connect is going to get the job, however we have heard horror stories from clients on how these situations have gone down for them in the past. 

One client told us that they connected with a lead, showed up to the prospect’s house to quote the job and were there at the same time as five other pavers. The homeowner had asked everyone to show up at the same time to all bid for the job. Not how anyone wants to do business. 

If you’re able to connect with the prospect, you still have to work the lead to get them to convert to paying customers. Based on some feedback we’ve seen from a number of Pavers, leads from shared lead services typically have about a 15% conversion rate.

Who’s Benefiting From The Service

At the end of the day, one of the most important things to remember with shared lead services is that you’re paying to promote someone else’s business, not your own. 

The marketing dollars that you could be spending to grow your own business are instead being spent growing the shared lead service’s business. This means that more often than not, you’re spending more per customer than you would spend if you ran your own marketing campaigns.

Shared Lead Services and Direct Searches

One hand trying to hand $1 to one of five people.

We’ve had clients in the past tell us that they’ve received leads from prospective clients who specifically searched their business using shared lead services. 

Normally, these leads are the best kind because they’re people who are already looking to work with you. They’re more likely to convert to paying customers and you won’t be competing with all of the other companies that the lead would normally go to. The problem is that most shared lead services will actually charge you more for this lead because they know that they’re more likely to convert. So, a customer that should have been easy money for your business, is costing you a significant amount more than the general leads!

How Shared Lead Services work and how Paver Launch can help.

Benefits Of Exclusive Lead Generation

When you focus your marketing efforts and dollars on building your own business, you’re able to get ahead of your competition and start growing your business rather than someone else’s. When you properly manage your advertising campaigns and have a high quality landing page or website for your clients to view, you’ll see an increase in leads and lead quality and a decrease in the cost per lead. 

In addition to the leads being better quality and costing less, on average, the leads that are generated for our paving clients through our efforts have an average conversion rate of 40% – that’s almost a 4x improvement in conversion from a lead to a customer!

The Paver Launch lead generation system for pavers gets your paving company exclusive leads that cost less than you were paying per lead using shared lead services. If you’re trying to increase the profitability of your paving business, the Paver Launch team of marketing experts for pavers are here to help.

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